Review of Dominion by S.E. Lund

Dominion by S.E. Lund ebook

S.E. Lund’s Dominion is a vampire story set apart from the crowd of vampire stories by both a unique concept and by the quality of Lund’s writing.

Eve Hayden is a pre-med student and a vampire hunter. She is in possession of a manuscript left to her by her mother. It’s in French, so she seeks out a translator. Eve wants revenge against the vampire who murdered her mother.

Enter the vampire Michel de Cernay. His journey to vampire-hood is detailed in the journal manuscript, along with his twin brother Julien’s.  Michel and Julien are “hot” vampires from the 13th century. Unexpectedly, when Eve meets Michel and Julien, she realizes that they are not monsters but have compelling human qualities.  She is strongly attracted to them.

Eve is an Adept, and as such she has a variety of special powers.When she interacts with Michel and Julien, she can feel their attraction to her, and this makes for some really great and steamy sex scenes. The romantic theme really keeps a reader engrossed in the book.

The author does a good job of building suspense in the mystery of the crime in the story, as well as in immersing the reader in vivid detail. The book is quite well-written, and, as other reviewers have said, I can certainly verify that the story will keep you turning pages in anticipation.

Although this novel has much in common with Twilight, it is definitely for adults. There are hints at BDSM between Eve and Mich el, though it does not actually take place.

The ending will make you want the next book in the series right away!